Traffic Filtration

Key features

  • • Filtering by the carrier’s own list
  • • Filtering of URL with Cyrillic symbols
  • • Control over filtering by specific users.
  • • Support of Server Name Indication (SNI)
  • • 100% block of resources
  • • Blocking of HTTPS traffic by Common Name certificates
  • • Blocking of HTTP traffic on non-standard ports
  • • Setting of redirecting to the carrier’s page for the blocked URL
  • • Filtering of traffic from proxy-servers and mobile devices (iOS, Android etc.)

Traffic Filtration Platform

Spectre DPI solution allows carriers to limit users’ access to the Internet resources easily and effectively. Platform recognizes over 6000 protocols which makes possible to effectively filter and disrupt application protocols such as WhatApp, Telegram and Viber, among others.

Performance Specifications

  • Up to 4 billion URLs with a compact representation in the memory
  • Performance up to 80 Gbit/sec in the Spectre DPI Entry version
  • < 30 µs for request processing on 1U server.

Simple introduction and flexible scalability

Installation is possible on any standard x86-server with Centos OS, and performance depends only on capacity of the equipment and type of license. System configuration is carried out with command line or convenient web-interface and requires no input after being introduced.

No adverse effect on user traffic

Traffic is filtered only if requested resource is in “black lists”.

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