Lawful Interception

Key features

  • • Real-time operational trafic control
  • • Accumulation of data for retrospective analysis
  • • Allows to collect, accumulate and process information about subscribers of telephony and / or data transmission network (subscriber profile, connected services, reference information, committed payments) and statistics of the subscriber’s actions in the data network.
  • • Extracting files from intercepted traffic
  • • Collection of information about sessions NAT-translation of network addresses installed on the equipment of the carrier through the interfaces netflow / syslog (the volume of traffic is doubled).

Interception, gathering, storing, monitoring and analysing

Legal interception, is the key tool to identify and provide the means for the justice representatives to act on any cyber crime and terrorist threat. With unified communications analysis, monitoring and data forensics, justice will be brought upon the real menace for public security.

Spectre DPI LI functionality allows LEA to apply this new solution it the field of crime investigation, prevention and monitoring of criminal activity, facilitating the evidence to the Justice. In addition, it is applicable in terms of national security as in this context of global threats in hands of terrorist organizations. LEA cannot focus only on crime acts as usual, and have to fight this growing menace from this new technology perspective.

This solution will intercept, gather, storage, monitor and analyse any exchanges of information from a suspicious subject or a group in real time, linking this exchange of information to the payments for the provided services and online behaviour of this people.

SpectreDPI LI gives the capability to the Law Enforcement Oficer to conduct any function described above by demand of his Law Enforcement Agency and by a warrant from the Judiciary system, with online access to the controlling interface of the platform to receive and perform enquiries to the ISP’s subscriber’s internet activity.

Lawful Interception Process

SpectreDPI LI enables law enforcement agencies to carry out their work by sending requests for user Internet activity to the provider through the platform’s control interface.

DPI Technology Use

The technology of deep traffic analysis SpectreDPI Lawful Interception allows to intercept traffic, performing behavioural analysis, and to recognize applications that are not valuable for carrying out Spectre DPI Lawful Interception. Information is collected by criteria defined in the request. Collected data can be visualized and prepared for further analysis. Thanks to the use of DPI technology, the customer receives not only standard functions of the deep traffic analysis system, but also its additional options: protection against DDoS, CG-NAT, BRAS and others. Protection Against DOS and DDOS attacks, CG-NAT, BRAS etc.

Reliable Hardware Platform

The SpectreDPI Lawful Interception equipment does not make any changes to the carrier’s (provider’s) network, reliable high-performance x86-servers are used to filter traffic, and data storage is carried out on storage systems with support for scaling and backup. To work with the system, a dedicated control panel is used.

Access to the equipment of the SpectreDPI Lawful Interception and collected information is carried out at any time and is provided to authorized officers of the Federal Security Service Directorate, who have the necessary access rights to the control panel. Protected communication channels are used.

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