Data Loss Prevention

Key features

  • • Perform analysis of e-mails and identify criminal conspiracies
  • • Prevent insider activities
  • • Investigate network incidents
  • • Restore network infrastructure

Internal threats and leakage of confidential information

Internal threats are threats that emanate from employees of a company or the government and cause damage as a result of theft of state secrets or corporate information, or its leakage through negligence, as well as corruption, fraud, collusion, theft and sabotage. Annually, the number of information leaks around the world increases:

Example of information leakage

“Clinton Syndrome”, September 2016 Hillary Clinton was not always comfortable correspondence using work mail, so she sent letters containing confidential information by external mail. In addition, fearing to keep important correspondence in her, she arranged for the US State Department to store the working letters on a personal server. As a result, these actions led to a leak of information constituting a state secret.
Result: scandal, undermining reputation, elections are lost!

How to protect from internal threats and information leaks?

Specter DPI DLP-system (Data Loss Prevention) is a software product designed to prevent leakage of confidential information outside the state or corporate network. This system is built on the analysis of data flows that go beyond the network structure. The product SPECTRE DPI allows you to implement the removal and analysis of traffic for a DLP system. We offer tools that enable you to get complete data on outgoing traffic - information and protect infrastructure and government information from leaks.

The DLP system consists of 3 main components:

  • Analyzer - Removes statistics and flow from the corporate network traffic and sends it to the storage system for further processing
  • Storage System - Collects, processes, and accumulates data received from the SPECTRE DPI system
  • Graphic module - Is responsible for data visualization, reporting and monitoring
The use of SPECTRE DPI traffic analysis technology at the level of protocols and applications at speeds up to 400 Gbit/s per device and scalable to dozens of Pbyte storage systems allow you to:

  • Monitor traffic on the local network and detect security incidents.
  • Collect statistics and data, transfer them to the storage system for further analysis.
  • Manage the system from a single center using the GUI interface.
  • Work with objectsat the level of services and applications.

The DLP system monitors information transmitted over the network for compliance with security policies and analyzes traffic up to OSI level 7, and graphic multi-level reports generated by it with a system of filters and data groupings make it easy to analyze the results and perform a quick search in the archive.

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