Rostelecom – customers segmentation

The company

Rostelecom is a Russian telecommunications company and a state-owned enterprise.
The company provides a range of services including broadband internet, interactive television, mobile communication and short and long-distance telephone connection.

The company’s initial objectives

  • Segmenting the customer base by browsing interests
  • Creating targeted offers for different segments<
  • Conducting online-polls among customers
  • Informing customers online

Spectre DPI installation features

No technical difficulties occurred during the implementation of Spectre DPI. The solution was integrated in three months. A preliminary test was conducted prior to the integration of Spectre DPI.
Our colleagues from Spectre took all our wishes into consideration and created an easy-to-use interface to control customer notification and polling. The interface can be used by any member of staff, according to his or her role.
Resources are efficiently channeled to URL-filtering.

A review of Spectre DPI and its correspondence to the company’s objectives


  • The customer base is segmented based on the customers’ behaviour and interests on the internet.
  • Products and services are offered based on the customer’s profile.
  • Surveys such as the rate of customer satisfaction are conducted using data collected for from the polls.
  • Customers are efficiently informed of the company’s products via digital channel.
  • Company website:
    Sector: Telecommunications
    Location: Moscow, Russia
    Contact: Svetlana Shamzon, Deputy Director of the Macroregional Branch – Mass Segment Business Director


    20-06-2019, 02:06:27

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