The initial objectives of the operator

  • Comprehensive channel analytics (statistics collection based on the NetFlow protocol)
  • Prioritising bandwidth (optimising uplink), cutting torrents
  • Prioritising traffic within the customer channel
  • Cashing traffic

Spectre DPI installation scheme

“Gap” installation with Silicom cards;
Using additional modules: Module for viewing statistics and reports NFSEN, CASH server 1TB;
Own server HP ProLiant DL380p Gen8.

Installing Spectre DPI

  • Spectre DPI is installed in the gap between the border router and the provider
  • Intel i350 Gigabit network card
  • Internet access is provided though one uplink
  • A review of Spectre DPI and its correspondence to the company’s objectives

    The total time devoted to testing, integration and debugging was about 1 month. The implementation was smooth, thanks to the detailed description of the Spectre DPI system configuration provided in the wiki documentation. Uninformative wiki sites were explained efficiently and in great detail by the technical support service, in particular, Alexey Alekseenko. After that, the wiki information was filled out.

    Several problems were identified and promptly corrected during the work. After the implementation, we received a more detailed understanding of our traffic, which gave us the opportunity to identify problems and anticipate trends more accurately. We were also able to provide quality service around the clock, regardless of the rush hours. To conclude, the introduction of Spectre DPI has had a very positive effect on the quality of our services.

    Technical support quality – help us improve

    We are very happy with the quality of technical support. Thank you for your help!

    Company website: https://comnet.uz/
    Sector: Network provider
    Location: Tashkent, Uzbekistan
    Contact: Artem Moskalev, General Director


    02-07-2019, 03:07:23

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