ETHERWAY – An information filtering success story


The initial objectives of the operator

  • Filtering information using lists provided by the Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Media and the Ministry of Justice (required by Russian Federal Law)
  • Collecting channel analytics (collecting statistics using the NetFlow protocol).

Spectre DPI installation scheme

• Port mirroring approach
• Spectre-20 pack is used
• Installing Spectre DPI
• Mirrored data (both incoming and outgoing) is fed to Spectre DPI, channelled from between the BRAS and the border router. An intermediate switch is used for the mirroring.
• Purchased package: server + Spectre-20; Supplier: NAG

A review of Spectre DPI and its correspondence to the company’s objectives

No problems occurred during the installation and configuration of the product. Physical switching was carried out by our engineers, and software configuration was provided by ITGrad specialists servicing Spectre DPI. Previously, we used Cisco SCE to ensure compliance with the Federal Law and experienced frequent problems with blocking (incorrect URL, unable to block https, etc.). With Spectre DPI, we no longer have to worry about compliance with the Federal Law.
In general, we have no comments regarding the work of technical support, all issues were resolved fairly quickly.

Company website:
Sector: Network provider
Location: Cheboksary, Russia
Contact: Andrey Yermishin, Head of the Network Management Department


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