COMNEWS – Protecting the resource from DDoS-attacks

The company

ComNews Group is a market leader in information on the Russian IT business. The resource’s audience includes heads of broadcasting and IT enterprises, IT specialists and CEOs of large companies from all sectors, heads of regulatory bodies, industry journalists and analysts.The total audience of ComNews is more than 150 thousand professionals per month.The company was established in 1998 and has offices in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

The initial objectives of the operator

  • Protecting the resource from DDoS-attack
    • Spectre DPI installation scheme

      Installing Spectre DPI

      COMNEWS is an information resource hosted in the IT-GRAD public cloud. IT-GRAD is the first VMware service provider in Russia and the CIS, and a partner of Spectre DPI. Spectre DPI is integrated into the provider’s cloud infrastructure and has the ability to collect analytics and automatically enable DDoS protection for the entire virtual data centre.

      A review of Spectre DPI and its correspondence to the company’s objectives

      We chose IT-GRAD as our cloud partner because of the comprehensive package of services they provided for hosting our news portal. We are interested not only in renting resources, but also in implementing of a set of measures to ensure the portal’s efficient work, such as administration, backup, monitoring, etc.

      Since the beginning of 2014, our resource has been subjected to short-term DDoS attacks, and we needed a solution that would protect us from such threats. We were very efficiently connected to a service based on the Spectre DPI hardware and software complex which can handle unplanned increases in traffic, even those exceeding the average by several orders of magnitude.Using this service has resulted in the uninterrupted availability or our resource on the Internet.

      Company website:
      Sector: News in telecommunications, broadcasting and IT, a daily internet publication
      Location: Moscow and St. Petersburg, Russia
      Contact: Yury Vlasyuk, System administrator


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