About Spectre DPI

Spectre DPI company

Our team has gathered over 15 years of experience in telecommunication software development, and with wide knowledge in Deep Packet Inspection technologies. Our products are being use by more than 800 telecom service providers worldwide. SpectreDPI is a company specialized in creation and implementation of innovative network solutions.

Our Mission

To provide solutions for everyday problems, with innovation and creativity, through superior technology to fix common problems in the Internet Service Providers Industry.

We propose competitive solutions with a unique performance. In addition, our company welcomes you to the most advanced instruments with the highest customization possibilities.

Our Vision

In the world of Internet of Everything, you simply cannot economize on instruments to control it.
You do not want to stay in the dark. You want to see through things; you want to control your traffic. You need a reliable instrument to address the problems in visibility of today and tomorrow traffic, no matter how big you are. Recognized yourself? Good! Here in Spectre DPI we share this same vision with you, and we are here to help you make this vision real.

INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS – We, at Spectre DPI, facilitate superior visibility and control that provide the ISP with advanced set of functions for better Quality of Service which will increase Quality of Experience. Providing more flexible solutions than most of our competitors, offering the best overall product value.

PARTNER ORIENTATED – Our specialists are motivated to listen and understand your daily problems and needs, offering you a different kind of interaction and approach as our Partner. We focus on developing a special relationship with you; we understand, meet and satisfy your specific needs with creativity and efficiency.

LEADING TECHNOLOGY – At Spectre DPI, we create the most advanced systems, which means the most advanced components. Our systems have superior technology, from the most updated operating platform and features, to recognition quality and more.

GLOBAL PRESENCE – Spectre DPI has an international reach in more than 15 countries trough out a global network of local Partners and clients in every region, Asia, Middle East, Europe, Africa, and in The Americas.

Our technical team are here to serve you, Spectre DPI has an understanding of international demands, sales and service.

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