Spectre DPI Deep Packet Inspection Solution

Analysis, control, management and protection

Full network enhancement and visibility, made simple and smart.


Spectre DPI specializes in the development and implementation of the innovative services in the sphere of the Internet traffic control and analysis

spectre dpi


  • Low cost solutions


    Through the use of software-defined network functions, we achieve low cost solutions, high speed expansion functionality, scalability, manageability and flexibility.

  • High perfomance


    Bandwidth 100 Gbit/s
    Maximum number of sessions 80 M
    Maximum number of new sessions per second 500 K
    Number of detected protocols 6000+
    Maximum number of subscribers 10 M
    Network interfaces for traffic processing (without bypass) 10x10GbE SFP+
    Latency 30 μc
    Hardware platform 10, 19°
  • High level customization



    Aggregation access





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Spectre DPI hardware

SpectreDPI is available for installation on the customer's hardware platform in accordance with system requirements. The software is compatible with the X86_64 platform and standard Intel Xeon server processors as well as network cards based on Intel chipsets made by Intel, Silicom and others.

Solution comparison

Most of DPI systems can't offer solutions for all market segments, from simple solutions for blocking websites using regulator lists, to complex traffic management systems, it is necessary to have a certain size to access this technology. Spectre DPI is focused to offer this technology to clients of every segment. The top solutions are affordable only to major operators. By simple comparing our solution with what is currently available, it will be clear that not only you can access to this technology, but also, you will be getting top performance which was available for a very limited number of industry leaders.

Study cases

  • Rostelecom

    The company’s initial objectives

    • Segmenting the customer base by browsing interests
    • Creating targeted offers for different segments
    • Conducting online-polls among customers Informing customers online
  • Comnews

    The company’s initial objectives

    • Protecting the resource from DDoS-attacks
  • Etherway

    The company’s initial objectives

    • Filtering information using lists provided by the Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Media and the Ministry of Justice (required by Russian Federal Law)
    • Collecting channel analytics (collecting statistics using the NetFlow protocol)
  • Comnet

    The company’s initial objectives

    • Comprehensive channel analytics (statistics collection based on the NetFlow protocol)
    • Prioritising bandwidth (optimising uplink), cutting torrents
    • Prioritising traffic within the customer channel


More than 15 years of experience in the field of telecommunications services are gathered in our team of specialist and engineers, continuously working in the development of customized solutions to enhance exchange of information.

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